Iwaki Fireworks Festival Excutive Committee
11-1 Onahama Honcho,Iwaki City,Fukushima Pref. 971-8101
phone : 0246-56-5677 fax : 0246-52-1415
Let's follow the manners and make it a fun event !
To enjoy the fireworks No smoking all area In order to prevent an accident brforehand
 In a paid seatmthe use of s high seat such as a chair will bother the person behind you.Please use cushions and other items,and give consideration to those behind you. All fireworks area is non-smaoking.Please refrain from smoking outside the smoking area.   Many people will come to the Iwaki fireworks. Be sure to follow the instructions of the staff. Let's follow manners and make fun fireworks display.
Drunk driving is illegal To eliminate crime Please cooperate with takeaway of garbage
Do not take alcohol if you drive. Also,don't recommend alcohole to people who drive. Please be careful about falling objects in events with many visitors. Also,toilets and shopping with valuable items in the sight can be stolen. Please carry valuable with you. If everyone follows the manners,events can be held in a clean environment. Thank you for your sooperation taking out the trash.

About other notes

・The roads around the venue are very crowde.Please come with a margin.
・Illegal parking is a nuisance to nearby residents.Please do not do this as it will interfere with emergency vehicles.
・We establish temporary parking lot,but the number of parkings is limited.Please use public transportation as much as possible.
・Please use the shuttle bus from the front of JR Izumi station.
・All port roads around the venue will be closed at 4:30pm.
・It is prohibited to fly paragliders,radio control,drone,and other manned and unmanned small sircraft above and around the fireworks display venue.
Paid Auditorium B・D seat is free seat,but taking place before opening is prohibited.(All seats are open from 4pm】
・Please note that the executive committee assumes no responsibility for troubles concerning theft,incident,accident,and others within the evevt venue and temporary parking lot.
・The parking lot of the facilities in Aquamarine park is as follows.

Aquamarine Fukushima Closed from 4:30pm to 9:00pm
Iwaki la la miu Closed from 3:00pm to 10:00pm
Onahama gourmet hotel Closed all day before the fireworks display day


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